Figure 3.

Increase in total cell number in lung and BALf of knockout mice compared to post-OVA WT. Cell number was counted using a Z1 particle counter from Beckman Coulter. Bone marrow cells (BM) was flushed out of two femurs, blood (PB) was obtained by infra-orbital bleeding and extrapolated to a 2 ml volume as the total volume of blood in a 20 gm mouse, from the volume of blood actually obtained, perfused lung was minced and digested with collagenase IV and single cell suspension made of both lungs, and brochoalveolar lavage fluid (BALf) was obtained from both lungs, and the cell numbers counted. The data shown have been derived from 3 independent experiments and expressed as mean values ± SEM. *denotes p value < 0.01 compared to post-OVA wildtype values. Abbreviations used are: WT = wildtype, NOX = gp91phox-/-, DKO = gp91phox-MMP12 double knockout, WA = WT+alum, WO = WT+OVA, NOXA = gp91phox-/-+alum, NOXO = gp91phox-/-+OVA, DKOA = gp91phox-MMP12 double knockout+alum, DKOO = gp91phox-MMP12 double knockout+OVA.

Banerjee and Henderson Clinical and Molecular Allergy 2012 10:2   doi:10.1186/1476-7961-10-2
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