Figure 8.

Plasma concentrations of OVA-specific IgE and IgG1 are comparable between Wt and KO mice post-OVA. OVA-specific IgE and IgG1 were measured by standard ELISA using a capture and a detection antibody for each of the immunoglobulins. Data showed represents mean of values pooled from three independent experiments (n = 5/group). Abbreviations used are: WT = wildtype, NOX = gp91phox-/-, DKO = gp91phox-MMP12 double knockout, WO = WT+OVA, NOXO = gp91phox-/-+OVA, DKOO = gp91phox-MMP12 double knockout+OVA. Levels of OVA-specific cytokines in the alum treated corresponding control groups was undetectable.

Banerjee and Henderson Clinical and Molecular Allergy 2012 10:2   doi:10.1186/1476-7961-10-2
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