Figure 4.

Clonogenic potential was decreased in the bone marrow and lung progenitors of both knockout mice post OVA. 10 ml heparinized whole peripheral blood (PB) obtained by infra-orbital bleeding of anesthetized mouse, 50,000 bone marrow cells (BMC)flushed out of the femurs, 1 million lung parenchyma (LP) cells digested by collagenase IV, 1 million cells from bronchoalveolar lavage fluid (BALf)and 500,000 cells from spleen was plated in 2 ml semi solid methyl cellulose medium and cultured for 7 d for PB, BM and spleen and for 14d for LP and BALf. Colony forming units (CFU) was counted manually on a Leica DMIL and an Olympus sZX12 inverted microscope. Results shown are pooled from three independent experiments (n = 5/group) ± SEM. * denotes p value < 0.01 compared to post-OVA wildtype values. Abbreviations used are: WT = wildtype, NOX = gp91phox-/-, DKO = gp91phox-MMP12 double knockout, WA = WT+alum, WO = WT+OVA, NOXA = gp91phox-/-+alum, NOXO = gp91phox-/-+OVA, DKOA = gp91phox-MMP12 double knockout+alum, DKOO = gp91phox-MMP12 double knockout+OVA.

Banerjee and Henderson Clinical and Molecular Allergy 2012 10:2   doi:10.1186/1476-7961-10-2
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